Phuck me

Well, I'm back with new anyone is gonna care. Wonder if my old readers will read these :p

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Added a better image for my comics, cool huh? And you can also subscribe to phucked's -mail list to get updates of Phucked each week. :P Eithe via subscribe page, or any comic page.

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Adult Content

as you probably know, this comic has adult and mature content, regardless how the character's maturity is. Be advisoed, I did warn you. To see, go see the latest comic,

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Welcome to Phucked

Yeppa yep-yep. added a wierd welcome image ^_^ made with inkscape, yep. I wonder how many visitors i've had? What's wierd is I had 9 fans, now 8. Probably lost him/her with that bored comic, who knows. Mweheh, enjoy any other updates you see that I didn't mention.

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Added more coms obviously, and i also added more pages to this comic website. You can now download character sheets I made, I dunno, maybe fr coloring goodness? Anyways, go check 'em out. You can do awee stuff with them, like make sigs if you are truly a fan of my comic! ^_^



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Bow chica bow wow

Yep, finally got off my lazy ass and made me a banner for my latest comic phucked. This time, I'll continue to work on this one. Unlike me other comics...

EDIT: W00t! 3 comic strips in one day! Yep.

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